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          Welcome to Kingint Group(HK)Co.,Ltd !

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          20 Years Of Hotel Room Control System Professional Manufacturer

          High-end Star Hotel Phone Only Designated Leading Brand

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          Brand Strengh

          Technology to lead innovation

          R & D Strength

          One-stop overall solution

          International Certification

          Service Guarantee

          01Brand Strengh

          More than 20 years of hotel telephones, bathroom telephones, cordless telephones, hotel room intelligent control system, smart locks, safe and other research and development, manufacturing experience…

          02Technology to lead innovation

          To "smart, energy saving, environmental protection" service concept, to provide the fastest transmission,
          Run the most stable hotel room intelligent system solutions.

          03R & D Strength

          4 product lines, more than 200 models of products

          Multiple sets of room system solutions, respect for the order

          04One-stop overall solution

          Provide room intelligent control system, high-definition interactive digital TV system, hotel phone, intelligent WIFI, digital room as a whole
          Solutions for the consultation, design, construction, service one-stop service.

          05International Certification

          ISO9001, ROHS, CE, FCC, CES, CNN, CCC and other international certification

          06Service Guarantee

          Professional and dedicated team, to provide set of program configuration consulting, system product development, manufacturing, sales services, installation and construction guidance as one of the service guarantee, the whole time and time worry.

          ABOUT USMore

          Shenzhen kingint Communications Technology Co. Ltd is mainly in communication, intelligent lighting industry, research and development, production and sales of leading products, with nearly more than 20 years of hotel telephone, hotel intelligent control system, intelligent switch panel, smart door locks, safe and so on research and development, manufacturing experience. Products sold at home an...
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